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my name is sarah, and I am currently nineteen years of age. Photography is my love and you are my subject. I am afraid of butterflies and rejection and I eat cupcakes with a fork. I have an undying love for Adam Young, or more commonly known as Owl City. I have a passion for many artists, but nobody can even come close to Adam. I FINALLY met him on 09.15.12 <3 I can listen to a song on repeat for days and I can't get sick of it, it's impossible for me to grow tired of any music. It gets me through the day. I also have a special love for Mumford&Sons, Death Cab, Coldplay and Lana Del Rey. If I could marry seth cohen I would. I am liberated by Mother Monster and will be her Little Monster forever. I am one of the biggest Harry Potter fans you will ever come across....ever. We are the POTTER generation. 01.26.12 I met Daniel Radcliffe <3. I am also a Nerdfighter, DFTBA! But back to my love for photography--I cannot go on with out it, I see through the lens of a camera, even when I am not looking through one. Check out my work, and maybe you'll see the magic in it that I do,
 for you glen coco

this is thomas chambers and I am his super fan :)
Saturday, 2 - 07 - 2011

this is thomas chambers and I am his super fan :)

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